Annie Keating releases 'Lovesick Blues' ahead of tour

todaySeptember 15, 2022 1

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Casting a sultry Brooklynite shadow over a swampy honky-tonk jam, “Lovesick Blues” would be as at home in the ember-like aura of a Mississippi roadhouse or the neon glow of a backstreet city bar. Toying with the old to create something new, the single finds Annie tipping her hat to the time-tested formulas of master bluesmen like John Lee Hooker & the Groundhogs or Howlin Wolf, while peppering-in a contemporary character all her own.

Written at her home studio in Brooklyn, NYC during a particularly lonesome chapter of her life; it would be the introduction of a classic British blues artist by her producer Teddy Kumpel, that would strike a chord with her mood and provide the gateway drug for unlocking “Lovesick Blues”. As Annie explains:

“I was feeling lovesick and knew I had to lean into capturing that through a blues song… My producer Teddy Kumpel turned me on to John Lee Hooker & the Groundhogs, absolutely brilliant, timeless roots blues and one of the first 3 piece British Blues bands. I was told he couldn’t read or write but memorised thousands of songs. He had fierce riffs and grit and I wanted that sound for this sound – like provocative, playful and fierce at the same time – so that’s what I was going for on this tune.”

Pushing herself to “avoid the low hanging fruit, easy rhymes” that have become tropes of traditional blues numbers, the lyrics here are as playfully esoteric as the curveball country arrangements that adorn it. With wry, rhythmic couplets like “Write a song / and make beef stew, I’m still up at midnight / missing you…”, Annie makes clear that the best way to get over the blues is with a healthy dose of humour.

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